Putting the Nevadan Farmer First

100% Nevada | 100% Fiber | 100% Carbon Free Energy By 2050

The NIHFC is a for-profit cooperative association. We are designed to be majority owned by Nevada farmers who grow hemp for its natural fibers creating an assured supply of biomass. The NIHFC uses the internet to interact with regulators and businesses. Our digital supply-chain creates; technical governance, digital transparency, and digital efficiency within our ecosystem – reducing risk to Farmer Member/Owners by digitizing oversight and connecting to assured demand.

Our Mission

The NIHFC is an ecosystem generator – designed to connect assured supply with assured demand as we unlock hemp’s 21st Century potential. We achieve this with unique smart agriculture and technical governance solutions. The NIHFC is dedicated to unlocking the future markets of industrial hemp namely: textiles, biofuels, cellulose & nanocellulose(s), as well as working to have hemp recognized for what it offers banking and environmental finance.  

Our Vision

The NIHFC is a communal effort of owner/members to unlock the true potential of industrial hemp far beyond CBD. Members co-own ecosystem infrastructure, like refinement centers, bringing,  farmers, handlers, and investors deeper into the value chain. The NIHFC recognizes industrial hemp’s modern potential to radically affect carbon markets, materials  and fuel sciences, as well as soil phytoremediation. NIHFC members benefit from everything hemp has to offer – from the soil to the stock market.

Our Plan

  • Create Limited Cooperative Association
  • Assemble the team
  • Develop enterprise business model
  • Develop essential documents
  • Prepare for investiture activity
2021 -2022
  • Attain structured investiture – first level
  • Secure appropriate licenses
  • Commence Genesis Plot Crop Trial
  • Document and Promote Trial Results
  • Farmer and Handler Phase I Membership Build 1
  • Develop effective supply-demand relationships
2021 -2022
2023 -2024
  • Attain structured investiture(s) – second level
  • Continue Genesis Plot Crop Trials
  • Internet of Things Overlay
  • Distributed Ledger Integration
  • Farmer and Handler Phase II Membership Build 2
  • Continue development of market ready relationships
2023 -2024
  • Align assured supply, refinement and demand relationships
  • NIHFC develops internal refinement capacity
  • Satellite Advanced Manufacturing Centers
  • Metadata Carbon Finance Monetization
  • Total Spectrum Carbon Sequestration
Hemp As A Recovery Economy
Step 1: The NIHFC takes a unique approach to unlocking the modern market potential of hemp. We’re designed to keep our member/owners in the value stream as long as possible before selling refined biomass at the highest value stream to end processors. We use the internet to help us capture the markets of the past (textiles, food), present (biofuel, bioplastics) and future (nanocellulose, carbon-economy) at the same time. Although hemp’s historical value is well known – modern technology combined with hemp’s outstanding utility makes cultivating hemp for fiber an ideal source of biomass for emerging bioeconomy initiatives.
Create New Markets For Hemp Cellulose
Step 2: Much of the energy and chemical intensive method for pulp processing is related to the removal of lignin, which bind the cellulose together. While lignin content of wood runs as high as 23-34% and rice and kenaf straw provide lignin at 9-15%, industrial hemp can be as low as 3%, enhancing the environmentally friendly aspects of non-wood paper production. Lower lignin content also generally corresponds to higher proportions of cellulose. Wood fibers are less than 50% cellulose while hemp (core) contains up to 77% cellulose, making it valuable pulping material.” ©2020 Vote Hemp
Unlocking Hemps Environmental Potential
Step 3: Using industrial hemp as a superior carbon offset and sequestration mechanism. Regardless of the cause of climate change, society perceives it to be a threat to world sustainment. The AHC concept of Total Spectrum Carbon Sequestration (TSCS©) from seed to stock market stands ready.

NIHFC First Planting

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From the Soil to the Ground to the Air

Hemp adds Value at Every Level More than any other commercial crop

NIHFC believe Industrial Hemp fiber offers its greatest value as a CO2-to-biomass conversion mechanism. Hemp’s unparalleled ability to absorb more atmospheric carbon than any forest of trees or other commercial crop should be digitally accounted for as hemp is grown and tracked throughout refinement into fibers, plastics, fuels and beyond. As a foundation for carbon development mechanisms and as a sequester of carbon – Industrial Hemp can be one of our most powerful weapons in fighting climate change – and the perfect market mechanism to complement emissions reduction policies being implemented by governments around the world

Hemp: uses less water, reconstitutes the soil, sequesters more atmospheric carbon, and can be cultivated as a renewable and sustainable input for advanced bio-based products from concrete advanced material concepts, radical molecular composites and disruptive power generation and storage.

The People


  • American Hemp Corporation LLC
  • Bank of the West
  • Blueprint AMS
  • Desert Research Institute
  • ExecQtion
  • JK Dreaming LLC
  • Legacy Hemp LLC
  • National Hemp Association
  • Natural Action Technologies
  • Nevada Department of Agriculture
  • Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • On the Right Track LLC
  • PNX Botanicals, Inc.
  • Renner Equipment Company
  • Salmon Point Land Development
  • Seedway LLC
  • Shore Management
  • Vetter PR LLC

NIHFC Investment Vehicle

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As an investment vehicle the NIHFC raises the capital necessary to develop or purchase assets needed to regulate, cultivate, and facilitate hemp’s emerging markets for fiber biomass derivatives.

Ecosystem Generator

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As an ecosystem generator the NIHFC generates assured supply - and connects that supply with assured demand provided by investors seeking to refine hemp fiber into higher value stream raw materials. NIHFC member/owners are minority owners of refinement centers and majority owners of the biomass they produce. Investors, handlers, and co-processors are minority owners of NIHFC produced biomass and majority owners of refinement centers.

For Profit Cooperative

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As a cooperative association the NIHFC generally acts as a single company with common goals, always striving to provide its members with the highest value propositions possible for their efforts, whether those be agricultural, digital, financial etc…(NIHFC bylaws state that 51% of the cooperative must be owned by farmers. 24.5% is reserved for handlers. The remaining 24.5% is for private investors.)

Although Industrial Hemp’s significance to early America is well known… It’s modern potential to create new markets makes it more valuable then ever. 

Hemp is being relegalized within the United States in reverse order of value stream importance to society. It’s time to discover what hemp really has to offer modern markets. It all begins with smart agriculture and advanced manufacturing. It all begins with creating jobs around hemp’s true value streams.   


Become a member/owner and help the NIHFC create the future of industrial hemp. Download documents below to learn more about the NIHFC and several key initiatives.

*The NIHFC applauds Nevada Senate Bill 358 in reducing pollution from state energy providers to 0% BY 2050.*