A Keystone For Change

Who We Are

The NIHFC is a for-profit cooperative association. We are majority owned by Nevada farmers who grow hemp for its natural fibers. The NIHFC uses specially designed systems to interact with regulators; creating technical governance within the ecosystem – reducing risk to the farmer by increasing oversight transparency.

Our Vision

The NIHFC is a communal effort of owner/members to unlock the true potential of industrial hemp far beyond CBD. Members co-own ecosystem infrastructure, like refinement centers, bringing farmers and co-processors deep into the value chain. The NIHFC recognizes industrial hemp’s modern potential to radically affect carbon markets, materials sciences, and soil phytoremediation. NIHFC members benefit from everything hemp has to offer – from the soil to the stock market.

Our Mission

The NIHFC is effectually an ecosystem generator – designed to connect assured supply with assured demand for the benefit of all. We achieve this with unique smart agriculture and technical governance solutions. The NIHFC is dedicated to unlocking the future markets of industrial hemp namely: textiles, biofuels, cellulose & nanocellulose(s), as well as carbon-finance.   


“Empowering Farmers | Creating Markets | Sequestering Atmospheric Carbon”